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March 2018 – Dr. Jiue-In Yang experiences working on nematodes in Taiwan

After seven years in the United States Dr. Yang returned to her home University in Taipei, Taiwan in 2015. In her role as assistant professor her aim is to help raising awareness and expertise on nematodes in Taiwan. We spoke to her about nematodes in her country and what is key to raise awareness and expertise on nematodes.


January 2018 – Prof. Pedro Soares view on soybean cyst nematodes in Brazil

Professor Soares has worked with nematodes for more than 20 years. He remains fascinated by nematodes over all this time due to the huge loss of crop productivity they cause, the enormous challenge to control them and their fascinating bio ecology.


July 2017 – Dr. Matthias Daub’s view on sugar beet nematodes in Europe

Dr. Matthias Daub head of Field Station Research on sugar beet for the Julius-Kuehn-Institute in Germany. We talked with him about his background, his current projects and what he thinks is key to managing nematode problems in Europe.


April 2017 – Professor Gregory L. Tylka`s view on soybean cyst nematodes in the United States

Greg Tylka is Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist at the Iowa State University, United States, with focus on the biology and management of plant-parasitic nematodes.
We had a very stimulating interview with him about his views on this key nematode species for soybean in the United States.


March 2017 – Professor Richard A. Sikora’s view on nematology

Richard A. Sikora is Professor Emeritus and former Head of the Soil-ecosystem Phytopathology Department at the University of Bonn in Germany. We had a conversation with Prof. R. A. Sikora to learn more about his professional passion, the changes he has seen in the field of nematology over the past decades, and his book recommendations for people entering the nematology field now.


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